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Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student Key

If you want your computer to run properly, whether you want to upgrade the operating system on it or get a new laptop or PC, you’ll need to have a few essential programs. It goes without saying that Microsoft Office is one of several software programs that, whether you’re a professional worker or a student, improves job efficiency. You may open and work on any type of document using this program, including word, excel, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets. The program must be purchased, which is a costly but worthwhile investment. Therefore, purchase a Microsoft Office 2019 product key from Instant Key at a low price to continue working efficiently now and always.

At Instant Key, We value cost-effectiveness and ease. As a result, we offer you to Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Student, which is simply one click away. If you buy it now, you will receive an activation key through email as well as a lifetime transferable license for this software.

Office Home & student 2019 – License key 

office 2019 home & student

Transferable Licence

When you purchase this lifetime transferable Office 2019 license, it will be instantly linked to your Microsoft account. As a result, you may reinstall it on a new PC without needing to renew it.

Product Details

  • Brand: Microsoft Released
  • on: 24-09-2018 Program
  • type: Office Suite
  • Format: Single-Use Digital license
  • Compatibility: 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Language: EU Multilingual (You can easily switch between multiple languages after installation. You can also download additional language packs and install them separately)
  • Includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Complete your office-related tasks as well as school-related assignments in no time by using Microsoft Office 2019 home and student key. It is a digital key that allows you to download Microsoft office home and student 2019 directly to your PC or laptop from the official platforms. It is considered as an upgraded version of Microsoft Office 2016 student, and a stable and reliable version, which is easy to download on any system. This product key works on windows 10 only i.e. if your PC has Windows 8.1 or older, this product key will not work. Moreover, if you are using Microsoft office 2016, then you first need to uninstall it completely before installing the new version.


Microsoft Word 2019 download licence



‣ Buy Microsoft Word 2019
It is now simpler and more productive to work with Office 2019 Word. It is a feature-rich program with extra learning tools, audio explanations, subtitles, text to voice, and many other capabilities that aid in the creation, management, and editing of documents. One of the features, book-like flipping, along with Side to Side view, allows you to easily navigate through hundreds of documents at once and select the perfect one. Additional learning tools, like as Microsoft Translator, SVG, and others, will allow you to express yourself in a tangible yet professional manner.



office 2019 home & student license of Excel



‣ Buy Microsoft Excel 2019

With Microsoft Office 2019 home and student license key, experience the next level of presentations with improved features. It helps in enriching your presentation with new kinds of tables, chart types (map and funnel charts), formulas, and better scaling that helps in identifying insights and trends accurately. With a unique feature of visual chart type, present a series of events in an attractive and user-friendly chronological order. With enhanced visuals and easy sharing, now you can complete your task in a time-efficient manner for sure.




OUtlook 2019 download licence




‣ Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
Now, empower your thoughts with a magnificent presentation prepared with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. Express your ideas in unusual ways such as including cinematic motion, applying motion of 3 D objects into a number of slides, Zoom capabilities, and Morph Transition. Other features like background removal, ultra-HD recording attributes are there to make your ideas more presentable and beautiful.



This is not a comprehensive list of features possessed by upgraded Microsoft Office 2019.

For more details, buy the product key now. So, if you want to purchase Microsoft Office 2019 product key at cheap rates that too from a reliable platform, no need to look further than Leeunju. We give assurance to offer the genuine product at unbeatable rates. So, shop through our safe and secure payment systems and receive all necessary guidance regarding the installation and activating the Office 2019 in the nick of time. In case of any query, feel free to contact us any moment at


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