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From bringing back classic to redesign for efficiency, the Auto-Tune Pro offers a user friendly environment while giving you the all tools to make your music phenomenally unique and (most immortally) perfect. Within Auto-Tune Pro new features have been added like the Auto-Key, old features have been brought back with Classic Mode and features have been updated like Auto Mode and Graph Mode all to optimize your efficiency and make your music your way.

Auto-Key is an included plug-in in your purchase of Auto-Tune Pro. This plug-in is designed to detect the key and scale of your music and send that information to one or more instances of Auto-Tune Pro. If you have the key and scale parameters to your song, set it to instances in Auto-Tune Pro from a single location simultaneously for unlimited efficiency.

Classic Mode
Classic Mode includes all of your favorite features from Auto-Tune 5 Sound. Bring back the Auto-Tune alogorthium but giving a makeover with slightly different sonic qualities to make it perfect for Auto-Tune Pro. Not only that but adding new features like Format Corrections, Throat Modeling and Flex-Tune gives you all the tools you will need in order to perfect your sound with classic.

New Streamlined Interface
Redesigned with in Auto-Tune Pro, Auto Mode and Graph mode have gotten a face-lift in efficiency . Auto Mode now contains a a basic view function which gives you the a quick glance and easy access to the core features within Auto Mode. There is an an advanced view which allows you to unlock the powerful MIDI, scale editing and vibrato features. Graph Mode now contains a larger main graph as well as features such as greater zoom resolution, user assignable zoom presets, and control reconfiguration to optimize efficiency with every project.


    • Updated Graph Mode and Auto Mode
    • Classic Mode
    • Auto Key
    • ARA: Audio Random Access
    • MIDI Parameter Control


Get your Antares Auto-Tune Protoday at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash. Please note, software cannot be returned once it is purchased. Please call 800-472-6274 if you have any questions regarding compatibility or functionality.


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